Highest Paid Surveys – Top 10

Top 10 Highest Paid Surveys Recommended by our Editors
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Did you know that market research companies will pay for your opinion and YOU CAN:

Get paid to take online surveys?
Get paid to take phone surveys?
Get paid to participate in focus groups?
Get paid to preview movie trailers?
Get paid for trying new products?
Earn cool prizes and get free products?

Your input helps companies understand what consumers think about their products and services. The money spent to pay you for your opinion is nothing compared to billions of dollars that they could lose if they haven’t researched consumers opinions first.

Below is a list with our favorite legitimate companies that are sending regular surveys and pay their survey takers on time. 80% Of the surveys we have completed and got paid were sent by these companies.

If you are serious about getting paid for surveys you should sign up now with all these companies. There is absolutely no membership fee to join. Registering it’s easy and fun. Some of them will even give you some registration bonus too.
The more you register, the more you will make. Don’t delay it till tomorrow. You could be missing a lot of cash surveys.

1.Synovate SurveysClick here to join free ( new window )

2.Ipsos i-SayClick here to join free ( new window )

3.NPD Online Research GroupClick here to join free ( new window )

4.NFO MySurvey Click here to join free ( new window )

5.Panda Research Click here to join free ( new window )

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