Make Money Online with Advertising

Here you will learn various ways you can make money online by advertising. We explained each of them to make it easier to understand.

Web surfers are bombarded with numerous types of advertising;
· flashy banner ads on the website,
· a small pop-up window that appears from nowhere, and many others.

Many actions you do online may help someone make money from advertising.
Think of a banner as a huge billboard sign that is available for lease on a major highway. If there are thousands of vehicles passing by that sign and many people see the ad, the banner will cost much more to lease than a banner that is placed where there is much less traffic. The busier the highway, the higher cost to advertise on the billboard.

If you create a website that attracts a lot of targeted visitors, you will be able to find an advertiser willing to buy your “space” at a good price.

Internet companies prefer online rather than offline advertising because that’s where their customers are focused and these people have instant access to the advertiser’s website for either more information or to immediately order their product.

You’ve probably visited a website, saw an enticing banner ad and clicked on it. That immediately took you to another website with details of their product or service. That instant interaction is why many online companies prefer to advertise online rather than offline.

Advertising For Different Types Of Sites
There are several forms of advertising that you can have on your website. Whether your site is a hobby, theme-based, mini-site or a product/service site, you can integrate advertising in to it.
And you can offer different advertising options to potential advertisers. Some will make you more money than others but all of these options can make you some money if you’ve got the traffic.

Different types of advertising that you can have on your website:
-Banner ads
-Pop-up ads
-Pay per click/sponsored ads
-Drop down boxes
-Banner Ads

We shall discuss only banner ads and pop up ads

I’m sure you’ve seen these before. These flashing rectangular boxes at the top of web-pages try to get your attention. This is an example of a banner ad:
**** picture of a Banner ad ****
This is a standard size banner ad. There are now several sizes of banner ads on websites that you’ll encounter.

How do you make money with banner ads?
Your banner ads make money for you if, and only if, your site gets plenty of traffic and your visitors click on your banners. If you create a site and there is minimal traffic, say 10 or 20 so visitors daily, you won’t make much money with banner ads. That’s just like the billboards on the highway – advertisers will only want that space if the board has many vehicles passing by on a daily basis.

Another reason that you need to have a substantial amount of visitors to your website if you want to make money with banner ads, is because banner advertising rates have plummeted since the dot com bust.
A couple of years ago you would charge your advertiser by using CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). An impression is the term used when a banner ad is shown to one visitor. If your banner ad was seen by ten visitors to your page, then you had shown 10 impressions of that banner ad.

So a $10.00 CPM would equate to $10 per 1,000 times a banner ad is displayed and shown to a visitor. These were standard rates a couple of years back. Rates have declined to 1.00 CPM and even lower.

Because of this drastic decrease, I don’t think it’s wise to concentrate your efforts on building a website to sell banner ads. It still can be a supplementary way to add some profit but it shouldn’t be your main purpose for building a site.

If you decide to offer your space for “rent” and offer banner space to advertisers, you could work with a third-party advertising online company. They facilitate the process of offering banner ads on your site, be like a middle man and ensure the statistics and your payments are accurate.

Some major online advertising companies that provide this type of service are:

To become a part of these networks, you must meet and maintain minimum traffic requirements. Each company has their own rules and regulations.

You also have the option of setting up the banner ad system tracking yourself. You’ll need tracking software to give you and your customer monthly reports of the activity their banner is generating.
You have the option of installing your own cgi scripts, or finding a reputable and affordable company to do it for you, such as or

Banner advertising revenues have declined drastically since the dot com bust. Unless your site is bringing hundreds of thousands of hits per day, using banners won’t be a good source of Internet Income.
You can read more about Internet advertising in the exclusive E-Book, “Internet Ad Strategies”.

Pop-Up Ads
Another type of advertising that is increasing in popularity with advertisers is the pop-up ad. This type of advertising also requires good levels of traffic, just like banner advertising, However, it is claimed their use produces better results.

If you’ve been surfing the Net, you’ve probably seen pop-ups, a new window that literally “pops up” when you visit or leave a web-page. I’m sure we get bombarded from time to time with several pop-up windows – that’s annoying, I know. Over- using pop-up ads is giving pop-up windows a bad image.
There are legitimate and effective ways to implement these pop-ups to make money and, at the same time, not annoy your visitors.

Obviously, that is the pop-up ad. The webpage has code on the main page that makes the pop-up window appear when you first enter.
They can be almost any sizes, and appear in various places, though the most common is in the upper left-hand corner. Frequency is also optional. You must remember you’re going to annoy your visitors if you have a lot of exit-pop-ups on your site, and they probably won’t ever come back.

Sometimes, webmasters program the pop-ups to appear on a timed basis – after the audience has spent a certain number of minutes on the site. It depends how the webmaster wants to use pop-ups.

You can do this with simple javascript. Of course, it’s only simple if you know how to program with javascript. The “Proven Ways Package” includes a software program that creates pop-up windows for you in minutes.
Using pop-ups well is a crafty sales technique that gets your visitor to take action; complete a form or click on a link. Usually, the pop-ups have offers or freebies to entice you to click on a link so that they can capture your information and get you to buy or subscribe to a series of direct emails.

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