Make Money Online with Paid to Programs

Make Money Online with Paid to Programs

Paid to programs are those where you sign up and get paid to complete specific actions. Depending on the program, you might be surfing the web, registering for a website, reading email, or simply visiting sites.

During the peak of the dot com boom, paid to programs were a hot item among internet users. However, since the economic slowdown, many of these paid to programs went bankrupt.

There are still a few in existence. Most offer to pay you to read email, which won’t add up to much unless you have many referrals under you that are also reading emails. Adding people to work under you is the only way to really profit from this type of venture.

Here’s how it works: Many of these companies pay you for every email you read, plus a percentage of every email one of your referral reads as well. The rates and referral schemes vary depending on the program joined. Some that I still receive checks from for reading email are the following:


How can they afford to pay people to read emails?
You might be wondering how these companies can afford to pay people to read emails and at the same time make a profit – and stay in business. These websites get advertisers that are willing to pay you to read their advertisements – which are the emails. The paid to website, keeps a small percentage of the amount that advertisers pay.

One major problem with trying to make some money from paid to programs is the fact that there is a minimum payment level for most programs. Let’s say you join a paid to read email program called They are willing to pay you up to .05 cents per email read. Not bad for a few seconds of your time. However, what if only sends out one or two paid emails a day. And, their minimum payout level is set to $30.00 – a level that is common with these types of programs.

Assuming you read two paid emails a day from their company, you would make $3.00/month ($.10 X 30 days). So, it would take you an entire 10 months to ever receive any payment from this company. Doesn’t sound like such a great, or even good deal anymore.

Building a referral base to make some money.
The key to making at least some money with these programs is to refer as many other people into the program as you possible can. The reason is, these programs will pay you on your referrals “paid to” activities. For example, a common referral payout scheme would be to give members 10% of the earnings of a direct referral, 5% of an indirect referral, so and so levels down.

So, to make enough money to meet the minimum payment levels you would have to refer several to even hundreds of other members. Then for every paid email they read from that company, you would receive a percentage. Still if you do work hard enough and build your referral base, you’ll probably not make a huge amount of money.

What if you owned your own “paid to” website? Would you make money?
Well, the quick answer is yes. There are many freebie seekers on the internet looking for ways to make free money.

These are the people that will sign up for “paid to” programs. Of course, by setting up your own “paid to email” website there are no guarantees that you will make money, however, with the popularity among internet users willing to participate in these programs, you can make money.

Start your own Paid To Program and profit from your members
Another way to make money with these types of programs? Start your own! Pay people to read email from advertisers that sign up with your very own paid to programs. Not only will is generate a large amount of traffic to your site, but if you promote it right, you can rack up thousands of advertising dollars as well!

Normally, it would take hundreds to thousands of dollars to set up this kind of program, not to mention hefty maintenance fees. But I’ve found a great turnkey solution if you wish to try your hand at paid to programs.

If you click here, you’ll find out about a paid to email site including all scripts and web design that could cost you less than $200 plus monthly hosting fees. I’ve just now invested in one of these sites myself, but it’s too soon to tell what kind of profits I’ll take in.

They take care of all the program details, from web hosting to programming and design of the site. They even send out an official announcement to their tens of thousands of newsletter subscribers which in turn get your membership base started with the hundreds of visitors signing up as new members!

Create-a-Click, one of the most affordable turnkey solutions on the net, allows you complete configuring capabilities before the program launches, so for example, if you choose to give new members a sign up bonus, you can set that amount.

Or, if you wish to predetermine how much per email each member will receive when they read it, you can set it up beforehand! Set the amount of the referral levels or the percentage paid on each referral – all before the program even launches!

Create-a-Click also offers many other turnkey solution sites for you to experiment with – including lotto sites, E-Book memberships sites, travel sites, online casinos, and more!

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